November 28, 2007

~~Merry Christmas To All-&To All A Good Night~~

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Santa was very happy I found the

'True Spirit Of Christmas.'

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tampa0503 said...

Beautiful Connie!!

I loved you Christmas Story!   Bethe

tampa0503 said...

NOTE TO EVERYONE COMING FROM "MAGIC SMOKE"...Go to 'Back to Journal' and start reading "My Christmas Story" from the begining.  You'll enjoy!


bhbner2him said...

So many beautiful graphics!!!  What a cute way of reminding everyone the True Meaning of Christmas.  ;o)  -  Barbara

luvrte66 said...

Very nice! I wish people could keep the "Christmas spirit" all year long.


pamal3 said...

Thank You Connie. Next year, I will make sure I get the correct Christmas Spirit! x

Gerry said...

You are a very talented lady! I someetimes feel when I see journals like yours when I first started going to the library, "oh how can I read all these books that I want to read?" But eyes fail me, so I just get around as I can get around, and I have visited your Windswept Whisperers today, too, to see some horse graphics. Gerry

Hollie said...

That was absolutely beautiful!! I enjoyed it soooo much, & you had some beautiful graphics!

Maria said...

Hi, Connie...this is very cool! I don't know exactly how I found it but I did and I'm glad. I had trouble with making a comment on your Christmas Seasons photo challenge blog....and that eventually let me here! Maria

Robin said...

I think I didn't even know of this blog of yours when it was on aol! This is beautiful:) I'm glad you saved it, all that work, all the reminder that yes, St. Nicholas was likely based upon some real person, some good saintly man, who loved and honored Christ. That it's Christ, not Santa, who is thee reason for the season, and for all of our days and nights. I hope your Christmas was blessed, and a happy new year to you -- Robin

Linda :) said...

Merry Christmas!! :)